Phoenix is recruiting for an investment analyst

We are recruiting for an analyst in the investment team at Phoenix.

A deep understanding of what we do and a genuine passion for how we do it is a very appealing starting point for us, but not a pre-requisite. Neither is a degree.

We need that rare combination of intelligent confidence tempered by humility. We consider ourselves to be hiring a brain, the package is unimportant, but it is essential that the brain is plastic, i.e. capable of adapting and learning and powered by a hungry curiosity.

The job entails a lot of reading, some thoughtful discussions and plenty of fieldwork (getting out and seeing businesses in action). Patience is essential because it takes a long time to develop expertise and most of our work takes years to bear fruit. Analyst is really the wrong word; what we are looking for is a scholar.

You would be joining a friendly team; there are fourteen of us in total. Staff at Phoenix organise their own work within a loose framework. For some this freedom is unnerving but for the right person, it is highly productive.

We would like to see a well thought out handwritten letter accompanying every application. Everyone will get a reply. Please send these by post for the attention of Steve Tatters to: Phoenix, 64-66 Glentham Road, Barnes, London, SW13 9JJ.


Posted on 13 May 2019

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