Huginn Fund

The Huginn Fund is managed by James Wilson, one of our partners who has been with Phoenix since 2013.

The fund has an international mandate. James looks to identify wonderful businesses managed by honest & competent management in both the UK and abroad. Once identified, James waits patiently for an attractive price at which to invest.

He runs a concentrated portfolio with a very long-term time horizon. He seeks to reduce risk through knowledge and views the volatility of market appraised prices as a source of opportunity.

The Huginn fund has an innovative fee structure. There is no management fee. It has a performance fee only, with both absolute and relative options. This means that if the fund doesn’t perform, investors don’t pay. We think that’s fair.

If you want to know more; please email James directly. He remains perpetually enthusiastic about discussing Huginn with prospective and current investors. 

For more information, please email:

An investment in Huginn involves a high degree of risk, including the risk that the entire amount invested may be lost.  Buying a concentrated portfolio can result in above average volatility. There can be a long lag between making an investment and its value being reflected by the stock market.  If your horizon is short-term then our approach may not be a suitable home for your money.  Huginn is aimed at sophisticated investors and would not be suitable for investors with only basic knowledge of investments.

Huginn Fund

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