Investment Aim

The investment aim for Huginn will be to compound investors’ capital at high rates of return over the long term. 

The Investment Process

The investment selection and monitoring process for Huginn is based on the same accumulated wisdom we use for the Phoenix UK fund and the Aurora Investment Trust. The same DREAM process will be used to evaluate businesses. We will also apply same depth of research and intensive fieldwork for which we are known.

The investment process is focused on identifying businesses with a high and enduring return on capital that is protected by an economic moat. We also look for honest and competent management who have internal capital allocation frameworks to take advantage of reinvestment opportunities in a measured and intelligent way. Once businesses with these traits are identified, James will wait for an attractive price to invest.

International Mandate

James believes our rigorous process can be applied to overseas stocks and will be looking both in the UK and internationally for investment opportunities.