We're long-term value investors, known for the depth of our research.

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Track Record.

Phoenix UK Fund Ltd.
Inception 01/05/1998
to 31/01/2018

Cumul. 964.4%  Ann. 12.7%

Cumul. 543.8%  Ann.9.9%

FTSE All-Share
Total Return
Cumul. 183.4%   Ann. 5.4%

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Phoenix UK Fund Ltd.

NAV estimated

Class A = £6,188.47
Class B = £5,956.94


NAV reconciled

Class A = £6,437.88
Class B = £6,197.02

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How we invest.

We start by identifying great companies.

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What to expect.

Our approach is distinctive, and it may not be right for everyone.

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Our reading room.

Highlights from the thousands of books in our office library in Barnes.

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£1,000 invested with us when we launched in
1998 would be worth £6,437 today.

Examine our performance track record 


An in-depth introduction to Phoenix.

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Investment Trust.

On 28 January 2016, Phoenix began managing the portfolio of the Aurora Investment Trust.

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Investment Approach